4 Reasons We’re Relaunching Our Website

Recruiter Meeting

1. Going from 2008 to 2015  We’ve always been about best practices and the previous version of our website is now a thing of internet history only to be remembered by screenshots and external hard drives. Our old site dates back to 2008 and although major improvements have been made over the years, we decided Q1 2015 was a great time to relaunch. It was hard to let go of the old, but we’re excited to announce the new. John Kennedy once said, “change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

2. User-friendly interface  Our new website can be easily viewed well by everyone across nearly all platforms and devices. We’ve leveraged the benefits of technology over the years in everything we do so we decided to improve the user experience. One key to our success, and reason why we have so many long-term relationships, is we’re extremely detail-oriented. Both the client and candidate experience is important to us in all stages of the recruitment process.

3. New content  We set the bar high for ourselves and trust our revamped content illustrates what our recruitment company is all about. We work extremely hard to help good companies become great companies and to help great companies remain the industry standard to which all competitors look up to. Hiring the right team is critical. Our mission is to consistently achieve the type of feedback we have on our testimonials page.

4. Blogging with all the bloggers  We recruit all day everyday and see things that are often obvious to us but missed by others. We specialize in recruiting and connecting the best with the best. We aim to write articles and share ideas that will be interesting and above all – useful! Bill Gates was right when he said, “the competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead.” Recruiting top talent and the right employees is critical for companies in all industries. We hope everyone enjoys our future blog posts.

-Team CBG

About Clay Burnett Group

We’re a preeminent executive recruitment company based in Southern California confidently offering quality services to all industries. If you’re in need of a trained professional in Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources or Operations; contact us. We recruit the best people for the best jobs. Representing industry leaders in a principled and disciplined way, our executive recruiters find the most qualified candidates for every situation.

We believe our clients and candidates deserve a first class experience. Please contact us if you’re searching for a qualified professional or open to hearing about new opportunities.