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To MBA or Not to MBA: Expensive Question

Businesswoman Holding NewspaperWe often have conversations with candidates considering whether they should pursue a graduate degree. The most frequent question is if it’s worth time and money to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration). It’s important to consider the reputation of the business school under consideration. An MBA education can be applied in a wide variety of positions and industries.


Pitfalls of Counteroffers

Working in Office CubicleIf you’ve made your employer aware of a new opportunity and they’ve countered by offering a raise, deciding to accept the counteroffer and stay put may NOT be in your long-term best interest. Here are things to consider when weighing a counteroffer from your employer.


Recruit a Strong Accounting and Finance Team

Young Businesswoman Standing OutIt’s been said that if you can count it, you can manage it, so it’s key for businesses across all industries to build a qualified accounting and finance department that will lead to long-term success.

Recruiting the right team is crucial. Companies that place emphasis on hiring the most qualified employees have a distinct competitive advantage over their competition because understanding cash flow and best practice accounting principles enables managers to budget wisely, anticipate revenues and seize opportunities.