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Category: Accounting & Finance

What Is a Staff Accountant | Why Becoming an Accountant Is Smart

staff accountantWhether you are re-evaluating your career possibilities or still a student trying to find your way through the maze of educational opportunities, the field of accounting is one you should consider. If you are good at logic, numbers, and critical thinking, look into the world of accounting. You’ll discover a wide-open range of exciting jobs. Depending on your education, a starting job as an accountant or staff accountant can lead to a satisfying career. A career with many possibilities in any number of fields.


Recruit a Strong Accounting and Finance Team

Recruit a Strong Accounting and Finance TeamIt’s been said that if you can count it, you can manage it, so it’s key for businesses across all industries to build a qualified accounting and finance department that will lead to long-term success.

Recruiting the right team is crucial. Companies that place emphasis on hiring the most qualified employees have a distinct competitive advantage over their competition because understanding cash flow and best practice accounting principles enables managers to budget wisely, anticipate revenues and seize opportunities.