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Category: Career Advice

When is it time for YOU to switch jobs?

switch jobs

Every year millions of people face this multi-thousand-dollar, and ultimately life-changing question of when to switch jobs. So, what is the right answer for you?

Whether your motivation is better pay, shorter commute, improved work/life balance, new challenges, or a change of career track, we can help you find the answer and a new future.


What’s in Common Between Your New Job and Golf?

Similarities Between New Job and GolfThere are many lessons to be learned in the game of golf which can help you as you start a new job. Golf requires belief, confidence, humility, manners, diligence and grit. If your new job is at a different company or there’s a change in the job assigned at your current employer (via promotion, demotion or a lateral move), believing in yourself is key to long-term success. Although you may not be a golfer, here are some thoughts about why your new job has much in common with playing 18 holes.


To MBA or Not to MBA: Expensive Question

Businesswoman Holding NewspaperWe often have conversations with candidates considering whether they should pursue a graduate degree. The most frequent question is if it’s worth time and money to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration). It’s important to consider the reputation of the business school under consideration. An MBA education can be applied in a wide variety of positions and industries.