To MBA or Not to MBA: Expensive Question

Businesswoman Holding NewspaperWe often have conversations with candidates considering whether they should pursue a graduate degree. The most frequent question is if it’s worth time and money to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration). It’s important to consider the reputation of the business school under consideration. An MBA education can be applied in a wide variety of positions and industries.

Attaining an advanced degree can: help you grow your career faster, cause you to get better compensated, raise your business IQ, build your network by joining an alumni family, develop personal and professional skills

Potential downsides: loss of time, student loan debt, choosing the wrong school, future employers may not value degree


We recommend you make a career plan. Picture where you want to go, and how you see yourself getting there. Consider the educational backgrounds of those who hold the jobs you aspire to achieve. Remember too that many successful executives do not have an MBA or any type of advanced degree. They achieved the equivalent of an advanced degree in the real world while climbing the corporate ladder. Ultimately, don’t pursue an MBA because you were told that’s what you should do. Pursue an MBA when you believe that’s what you should do.

Nelson Mandela once said, “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

-Team CBG 


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