What’s in Common Between Your New Job and Golf?

Similarities Between New Job and GolfThere are many lessons to be learned in the game of golf which can help you as you start a new job. Golf requires belief, confidence, humility, manners, diligence and grit. If your new job is at a different company or there’s a change in the job assigned at your current employer (via promotion, demotion or a lateral move), believing in yourself is key to long-term success. Although you may not be a golfer, here are some thoughts about why your new job has much in common with playing 18 holes.

1: Personal Belief As you take on a new challenge, it’s important to believe going forward that your future achievements will be determined by the attainable goals you set for yourself. You need to create a game plan to achieve them. On the golf course, your success will be defined by what you truly believe is possible and setting realistic expectations. Ultimately, it’s important to find a way to get the job done and to constantly evolve. The belief you have in yourself will greatly enhance or limit your progress.

2: Adversity and Commitment – As human beings, we’re all guilty at some point of creating an unrealistic timeline to get desired results. Adversity is where many people fold, but there’s no better feeling than being committed to an achievable plan and seeing it through. Don’t let adversity stand in the way. New jobs offer up new challenges and unfamiliar situations. Golf constantly brings you good and bad breaks and your adaptability to change and commitment over time will determine your success in the game.

3: Identifying Opportunities and Mitigating Mistakes It’s unforeseeable to know what’s truly possible in a new job until you actually get started. Company culture, management, staff etc., all have quirks and surprises. Golf is similar. Course conditions and how your swing is working for you on that given day, can greatly impact your play. Finding the opportunities in front of you is where you have a chance to stand out. For every opportunity there are risks. On the golf course, each shot you take has a chance for three outcomes: great, average or poor. If you manage to mitigate your mistakes all the while keeping an eye on identifying opportunities to improve, your golf scores will show progress and your career will be on track for success.

-Team CBG

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