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Onboarding Best Practices

Win – Win Works! Plan ahead to help new employees join your team.

A new job is a little bit like marrying into a family. It can feel welcome or stressful, and first impressions really matter. A structured and thoughtful onboarding process for all new hires will go a long way to ensure employee retention AND boost manager satisfaction.


Top 5 Reasons To Partner With CBG

Clients and candidates share a number of different reasons why they enjoy working with our executive recruiting firm.

Here’s how we really stand out:

1. Ethics and Integrity – Every client and candidate is treated with respect. We pride ourselves on operating with the utmost integrity in all of our interactions with you.


What’s in Common Between Your New Job and Golf?

Similarities Between New Job and GolfThere are many lessons to be learned in the game of golf which can help you as you start a new job. Golf requires belief, confidence, humility, manners, diligence and grit. If your new job is at a different company or there’s a change in the job assigned at your current employer (via promotion, demotion or a lateral move), believing in yourself is key to long-term success. Although you may not be a golfer, here are some thoughts about why your new job has much in common with playing 18 holes.