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Become a Staff Accountant? Accounting Opens Doors (Learn Why!)

staff accountantWhether you are re-evaluating your career possibilities or still a student trying to find your way through the maze of educational opportunities, the field of accounting is one you should consider. If you are good at logic, numbers, and critical thinking, look into the world of accounting. You’ll discover a wide-open range of exciting jobs. Depending on your education, a starting job as an accountant or staff accountant can lead to a satisfying career. A career with many possibilities in any number of fields.


Contract to Hire: What Employers and Employees NEED to Know

contract to hireThe first thing to know is that Contract to Hire is becoming increasingly popular, but, it does not suit everybody. The nature of work and the relationship between employees and their employers has changed enormously in recent years.

Of course, the 2020 Covid pandemic altered the workplace, and smart folks need to evaluate the benefits and downsides for themselves. This article will help you make those critical decisions.


Qualified Staffing: Complete Overview (Everything You Need To Know)

Qualified StaffingThe staffing industry can look complicated from afar, but the industry is really quite easy to understand once you know the basics. This article will teach you everything you need to know. Once you’ve finished reading this, you will be ready to find qualified staffing agencies in your geographical area that fit your needs. Also worth reading: what is a headhunter, professional staffing group, consulting firm, and job placement services.